20 June
Q&A - Retirement is Near: How Do I Prepare?


When you were younger, retirement seemed no more than a distant dream. But now that it’s getting closer, you might start to worry. Are you ready? What more can you do in the time you have left? This webinar will help you address emotions to expect, things to know that you may not be aware of, current layoffs, and how to be confident you can replace your paycheck if you retire.  We will cover 5 timely topics.

  • How not to feel like those in a recent study revealing that 63% of retirees wish they go back and plan differently?
  • If I receive a layoff package by choice or force, will I be prepared?
  • The Debt Ceiling is behind us, what steps should I take now?
  • Before engaging with a financial advisor what should I know about them and what should I expect?
  • I am making money but is there a way to analyze how I am doing to determine if I am missing out on other options?

Our Founder, Shawn McElderry, an experienced financial planner and wealth manager, will answer your questions during this time. Anyone looking  to be prepared for retirement in the distant future or nearing retirement can benefit from this educational event.

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Date and Time

Tue, Jun 20, 2023

5:30p - 6:30p PST


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