Cyber Security Alert: Joker Virus

Cyber Security Alert: Joker Virus

September 16, 2021

We strive to keep you informed of important news and so want to share this alert: First identified in 2017, the Joker Virus has been detected again on applications in the Google Play app store. This malware seeks to subscribe you to bogus services without your authorization. This virus only affects Android users.

In making the virus, creators targeted text messaging apps and pdf converters, common applications used to access, verify, and review your wireless account. Once it gains access, the malicious code will add bogus monthly subscriptions to your wireless account without your consent, driving up your costs.

Often, infected users only become aware of the extra subscription costs upon close inspection of their account statement, so review your bill carefully each month for any unexpected or unfamiliar charges. Do not expect the wireless providers to flag suspicious-sounding subscriptions on your behalf.

Authorities and security consultants have so far identified the following applications as containing the Joker virus:  

Messaging & Emojis

  • Super SMS
  • Super Message
  • Go Messages
  • Free CamScanner
  • Auxiliary Message
  • Private SMS
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Care Message
  • Part Message
  • Direct Messenger
  • Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
  • Unique Keyboard - Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons

Image Scanning and Converting

  • Element Scanner
  • Hummingbird PDF Converter - Photo to PDF
  • Paper Doc Scanner
  • All Good PDF Scanner
  • Blue Scanner
  • Meticulous Scanner

Translation Services

  • One Sentence Translator - Multifunctional Translator
  • Desire Translate

Photo Editors & Wallpapers

  • Travel Wallpapers
  • Style Photo Collage
  • Talent Photo Editor - Blur focus

Password Tools

  • Tangram App Lock

To prevent the virus from costing you unnecessary subscription fees, delete these applications immediately. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.